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Origin story time...
What is Goatee Train Productions?
Goatee Train Productions was formed in 1991 during a high school class titled 'Media and Visual Literacy' (pictured here), where media productions could be turned in for grades. GTP focused on Super 8mm films and even produced a radio show (which wasn't actually aired but recorded to tape).
(Left to right: Mike, Chandler, Rusty, and me (Jason); not pictured: my brother Eric who was not in the class but was a great sport during our sometime-arduous filming conditions and would be there when Mike would show up absent).
Who is Goatee Train Productions?
We (the proverbial "we", that is) are just one guy. Everyone else in the group found real-life jobs. That's me on the far right in the picture. Thankfully, I don't have those glasses anymore. Regretfully, I don't have that awesome mullet.
What is a goatee train?
It's a meaningless combination of words probably derived from the fact that we would often film near railroad tracks and, since it was the 90s, goatees were "in". The name started as a label to slap onto our creative output and kinda stuck around but didn't become official until early 2015.
What's with the film strip?
That's a rendition of the Super 8mm film format, signifying the simple beginnings of the company and a fondness for the format.
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